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*subject to size of vehicle.   

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Tire rotation

Upon request and in supplement to any other service, we can rotate your tires while your vehicle is on the rack. However we exercise a firm policy that we will only preform this for tires that are newer than 6 months old.

Tune up

Depending on the system your car runs, this service can involve: spark plugs (gapped to the correct specifications), rotor and/or distributor cap (if required), fuel filter; air filter; PCV valve and breather filter, or other parts like spark plug wires, belts, hoses, fluids on an as needed basis. Older vehicles may need ignition timing, idle speed, and idle mixture to be checked and adjusted.

Transmission flush 

Generally it is recommended to preform this service every 30,000 miles or 2 years to extend the life of your transmission. It would entail removing the old transmission fluid and replacing it with newer grade to lubricate, cool and clean the transmission system. However, if you are already experiencing problems with your transmission - we will have to test drive your vehicle to note how serious the condition is.

Vehicle inspection with any service above

While your vehicle is on the lift, our mechanics will preform complementary inspection of the belts, top off fluid level, and maintain tire pressure to ensure your car is running in tip top shape.



Battery Inspection

We can check the condition of your vehicles battery and cables from wear and tear to corrosive damages. A voltmeter test will also determine if your battery needs to be recharged or replaced.

Oil change, lube and filter

Refer to this oil change calculator for manufacturer recommended  oil change. This service consists of draining the dirty motor oil and replacing it. We also offer a full variety of synthetic oil, which has been shown to produce less resistance in the engine and therefore offer more horsepower and overall efficiency for the engine. This added horsepower in return means that the engine will be able to perform at the same level as before, but using slightly less gas. 

Factory scheduled maintenance

Whether you are due for your 30K, 50K, 90K, 120K - we will preform a full routine check that includes your distributor cap/rotor, ignition wires, air & fuel filters, transmission fluid, tires or brakes, etc. Actual factory scheduled maintenance recommendations may differ based on several factors including driving habits and conditions. Consult your vehicles owner's manual for further information.

 Fuel injection cleaning

This service pertains to cleaning fuel injectors. throttle body air intake, inspecting fuel lines, fuel rail, pressure regulator, vacuum line, and all connections. We will preform a pressure test on the fuel pump and system, and decarbonize the intake manifold, intake, exhaust valves, combustion chamber and pistons.

Is your check engine light ON?


A professional diagnostic scan of your vehicle's electronic system is the only way to get to the heart of the problem.

  • Read circuit specific data from each onboard system
  • Gather readings from all possible sources to pinpoint exact trouble cause and faulty parts
  • Trace root cause to a faulty wire, corrosion, etc.
  • Save by having the repair done correctly

Once the cause and fix are completed, cleared codes will remain cleared and your check engine light will stay off.


Does your vehicle start, but run poorly or even "die" in a few seconds?

Does your vehicle start and run better warm than when it's cold? 

Does your vehicle start and run better cold than when it's fully warmed up?

Does your vehicle lack power on long hills?


Does your vehicle shut off or die when coming to a stop? 

Does your vehicle die or hesitate on acceleration? 

Does your vehicle intermittently die without any sort of pattern and will not restart? 
Does your vehicle misfire or even backfire under acceleration? 


Are you experiencing any of these concerns?

We preform all-inclusive diagnostics valued at $75/hour

Suspect an electrical malfunction?

- Alternator and starter motor supply and installation

- Electric system charging & starting

- Exterior and interior lighting & bulb replacement

- ECUs, Relays, Coils & Modules

- Fitting of accessories and electrical modifications

- Supply & installation and safe disposal of batteries

- Supply and fitting of ventilation & heating systems

- Switches for fans & motors

- Vehicle electrical re-wiring 

Any of the above, we can isolate the cause

We are the top-of-the-line repair that San Diego's local mechanics bring their most frustrating cars in to troubleshoot

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